bel009 Kandi Story

  • I was the first owner of this bracelet and I chose the "Believe" message because I was at a point where a lot of big changes were happening in my life and I was feeling uncertain about my future. This bracelet was a reminder to believe in myself and my goals no matter what anyone else thought. It also helped me believe that in my day to day life things could always get better. If I was ever having a bad day, all I had to do was read the message and it helped keep me positive and motivated. I passed this bracelet on to one of my best friends who is starting a new chapter in his life and moving to pursue his dreams. Ryan, I hope that no matter how hard life gets, this will help you continue to believe in yourself and your journey, because no matter what I believe in you! You deserve the best and I know you'll find it! Good luck!!!

    jamie 09-17-2016
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