bel043 Kandi Story

  • To Julissa, One of the main things we connected through was our passion in music. From the different styles, genres, melodies to the complexity of lyricism - we literally talked about everything through our late night talks. You always told me to 'believe' in myself when it comes to my music and start releasing my music to show my talent to the world. I listened and you were right. I took in your advice and carefully listened to what you had to say, so please take the time to carefully read the next few things I have to tell you. YOU. ARE. TALENTED. AF. The few times that I luckily had the opportunity to hear your sing, I was always mind blown by your talent. Like you have told me, recently, you have been slipping away from singing and maybe you haven't, but I just want you to know that you should 'believe' in yourself when it comes to your style of music and your talent. Making music is a gateway for me to escape what ever negativity is happening in my life but at the same time being able to express how I feel in the moment. For you, I feel like singing has the same effect. Please do not stop singing, that would be the same thing as me stopping producing music. And we both do not want that to happen #GoodVibes Love Always, The Best Big Ever

    allen 10-27-2016
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