bel077 Kandi Story

  • I gave this bracelet to Jasmine for many reasons. We've only known each other for a little over a year, but what a year it has been. We've shared three music festivals and numerous other concert experiences together. She's introduced me to so many people, and now I'm glad to say that many of her friends have become my friends as well. My rave family is bigger than I ever imagined it'd be. Before continuing with the positives, I sadly must recount possibly the most devastating moment of our friendship. During Porter Robinson's set at Okeechobee Music festival, a bracelet Jasmine was holding caught my eye, and I asked her if I could wear it. She generously said yes, but before giving it to me, she held it to her chest and told me the story of how the bracelet came into her possession. She was given this bracelet on her birthday at Buku Music Festival. She was telling a guy that it was her birthday and asked him if he wanted to trade kandi. The guy didn't have any kandi with him, but he did have this particularly special bracelet with him. It was his favorite bracelet that he had had for years, and he told her to not ever lose it and to keep it close to her at all times. Jasmine did just this. The bracelet was always with her, and whenever life got tough, she'd pull it out and hold it as a reminder that things were going to be alright. I can't put into words how special this bracelet was to either of these two people, but having seen the look in Jasmine's eyes when she told me about it, I knew it meant the world to her. After having worn the bracelet for a while, I decided to give it back, and while removing it from my wrist, snap.... The beads fell to the ground... All I could do was stare with my mouth open... I couldn't believe that I broke it... A gloom fell on my heart. I quickly picked up all the beads to make sure none were stomped into the ground. I mustered up the courage to tell Jasmine, but I felt so terrible about what had happened. She told me that it was okay, but I knew she was upset. A few months later, while preparing for Shaky Beats Music Festival, I asked her boyfriend to send me the beads so I could fix the bracelet and surprise Jasmine with it. However, he wasn't able to get it to me without her knowing. Since the surprised was ruined, I decided to surprise her with a new bracelet. The bracelet this thread is about. Since Jasmine already had a bracelet to remind her that things would be alright in tough times. I decided to give her a bracelet that would expand upon that idea. I chose the word "Believe" to remind her to not only believe that things will be alright, but to believe in herself. Believe that not only will the bad times pass, but they will pass quickly because she is strong. I want to remind her to be fearless and follow her passions. Life will have set backs, but know you will overcome these setbacks and be successful. You'll overcome them not by chance, but because you've worked hard and deserve it. I was so happy to give you your fixed bracelet as well as this new bracelet when I did because you said you had a rough day up to that point, and to see the smile it put on your face was priceless. Remember to continue smiling. Your smile is contagious, and it makes everyone around you happier. I can't wait to see you again and give you a big hug haha. Thank you for accepting me into your friend group, and thank you for all of the good times we've spent together. I know we'll have many more good times to come, and I know you will pass this bracelet on to someone that truly deserves it! - Greg, Athens, GA

    gregory simchick 05-27-2017
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  • This is the beginning of this bracelets journey. As a request, I'd like each person who receives it to sign the end of their message(s) with their name and where they are from. Not only will it be fun to read the stories from all of you about where and why you gave away or received the bracelet, but it'll also be fun to see how far the bracelet travels. Thanks! :)

    gregory simchick 05-23-2017
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