diy112 Kandi Story

  • in the past year, ive had the absolute roughest year of my life. i was laid off, got a dui, in jail, totaled my car, lost my life savings (dont drink n drive kids), backstabbed by a bestfriend, couldnt find a job, etc etc, to name just part of it. however this is not a sob story. there has always been one constant that got me through it all and that was edm music and the scene. during this rough patch, i was able to go to my first edclv, met some amazingly warm and genuine people, and seen some once in a lifetime acts. the people ive met were some of the nicest, warmest, sweetest people, the type of people you wish you could meet everyday. when i found this website, i thought i could share my story and make someones day, if even for a brief second. for everyone who's struggling, stay up, and know that it gets better. keep your eye on that light at the end of the tunnel. make someones day everyday. if i ever see you again, dont be a stranger. if i dont, please pass this kandi along to someone who made your event. i would love to see this travel overseas and to see how far it can go. all the best. instagram: hansensmash

    hlausf 10-31-2016
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