diy316 Kandi Story

  • I gave this bracelet away to David at the Said the Sky and Illenium Shaky Beats Music Festival aftershow. Said the Sky had just finished playing one of my favorite songs Darling, and when I turned around to talk to one of my friends, I noticed David giving someone a glove show. Already feeling incredible, I decided to ask for a glove show myself. After a little shake of his tired hands, David gladly accepted. After the glove show was completed, David informed me that he had just started gloving recently. I couldn't tell that he was new to it, so it seems like he was off to a good start. I decided to give him this bracelet as a reminder to keep practicing his gloving and to continue following his passions. Most people don't start gloving for themselves. They do it because they like to interact with others, entertain, and enhance everyone's experience. Meeting David definitely made my night more enjoyable, and I know he will pass this bracelet on to someone as nice and good spirited as himself. Thanks David! - Greg, Athens, GA

    gregory simchick 05-27-2017
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  • This is the beginning of this bracelets journey. As a request, I'd like each person who receives it to sign the end of their message(s) with their name and where they are from. Not only will it be fun to read the stories from all of you about where and why you gave away or received the bracelet, but it'll also be fun to see how far the bracelet travels. Thanks! :)

    gregory simchick 05-26-2017
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