diy361 Kandi Story

  • To the person who received this bracelet and gets to read this story next... you don't have any idea about how wonderful the person is who PLURed you this Kandi. In fact, I don't even think she knows. This woman came into my life at a time that I was broken and lost. And because of her friendship, I found where I belonged. A piece of who I am is because of the love of a fiercely compassionate, eternally devoted woman who I call my best friend. We fight like sisters but we love like sisters. This woman, she's so strong, she's full of so much love, and most of all, she's impacted my life in a way that can't be measured. I just want her to know that she deserves the deepest, soul clinching love that she craves and I want you, the person reading this now, to know that there are still people in this world with beautiful souls and you were lucky enough to meet her, at a festival, trading a small bracelet, sending that energy around the world. All I ask is that you please keep that energy alive. Just as my best friend has done for me.

    christina novoa 06-22-2017
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  • MY FESTIE BESTIE! "I wanna break the rules with you, I wanna reach the sky with you". Thank you for always being by my side. From drunken nights and eating cheesecake to sitting on the pavement crying along to Mercy at EDC 2016, you've always just healed my soul. I know at times you want to steer me in the right direction with your tough love and I don't necessarily listen, but I know it always comes from a place of love. I know to strangers we may appear to be two completely different people, but I've never met someone who just understood my heart. Thank you for snuggles when I'm coming down, for being the bigger sister, and ALWAYS welcoming me with loving arms. "For the broken hearts. For the reckless souls. This is mercy, love. We are chosen ones" Love forever and a day, MARE BARE (LV, NV| EDC 2017)

    mlsarkissian 06-22-2017
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