diy528 Kandi Story

  • Some people come in your life as a blessing, some come as lessons.. Christopher A. Sanchez Avendano you're my blessing.. my beautiful lovely blessing in my life. You're always talking about how much of a blessing I am to you.. but do you know how much a blessing you are to me? Our first kiss was on 1/1/17 at hardwell. 😊 That's why i thought this kandi bracelet is just perfect for you.. I fell inlove with you at a rave and raving will always be our thing! The word blessing to me isn't just gods favor and protection, to me you define the word blessing.. I was so heartbroken when you came into my life but you literally swept me off my feet picked me up and taught me how to love again. The clear color indicates freedom from darkness, you've taken me out of a dark hole into a brighter sunnier days, I may have had a hard time adjusting to it but with you, all I want are sunnier brighter days. We've had rough times but I love you more everyday, we will continue to have rough patches in our relationship but we will always get through them, I promise. I love you so much, more than words could describe. You're my first love and I never knew I'd love someone as much as I love you. Never forget that I'm blessed to have you.. never forget that I'll always love you.

    diana claros 05-03-2017
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