hop060 Kandi Story

  • This message is for my dear friend Alexis whom I am giving the "Hope" Kandi to. I just want to give her a little something to lift her spirits. I know being single is going to be a tough thing to go through when youre not used to it. Don't beat yourself up over it, youre doing it for the right reasons. Everyone has to be able to love themselves before they can love someone else and accept love from others. I wouldn't say you or Ryan lost someone special. You guys are just on two different paths that have yet to merge into one. Like every merging lane, you need to prepare yourself to be ready to enter and become one. Taking some time to work on yourself through school and health is just as important as loving yourself. No one should feel insecure about themselves when the world around them sees otherwise. We are all beautiful and are treading through live looking for that love that creates boundless happiness. Instead of watching others go through hard times or competing. We should all come together and get through it. As we've spoke before about it, we as humans, are losing touch with our own humanity. We are one, united by whatever or however we got to where we are. So I say to you, don't be afraid of whats to come. Have HOPE that everything will be ok, have HOPE in your dreams and aspirations. HOPE is what keeps us going when times are bad, without it we would simply give in and give up. Even in the darkest of nights, doesn't the stars shine brighter? as cliché as this may be, imagine youre a star, out in the dark spaces of the galaxy. Even before its life ends, it ends with a big bang creating so much light that it is seen for many light years away. So I say, be that star that shines in the darkest of skies, even to your last breath, shine as bright as you ever were. From myself and I believe and I speak for others. we are all here for you. Youd be surprise how exhilarating it is to feel human. if you need to cry, let it out, scream, then scream, need a hug, then ask, and don't forget to dress up because you want to look pretty for the day. not for anyone else except your own self love. I guess I should end it now, all in all. I wish you well on your new chapter in life. As busy as we all may seem, nothing is more important than a friend or family. just remember youre a friend, a family member, co worker, and student. no matter where you go. youre never alone. I hope this helps you along in life and make you the best person you've wanted to become so in turn you can also pass on a message and the PLUR kandi culture alive for a better world.

    john douangpanya 10-02-2016
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  • I received this bracelet from a very caring co-worker who is always a listening ear through my hard times. This message made me cry, not because I'm sad but because of how supportive all my friends and family have been, especially John. I can barely type this out I'm still crying. I don't think there is a better time to make this move, to become single for myself, because of the support system I have right now. I couldn't do this without them. I want to love myself more so that when I do merge my lane with someone else's, I give them my all. I give them a beautiful woman who knows her worth, no jealousy, no self consciousness, just love. I can't wait until that day, and until then I will be present and honest with my emotions and I will always have hope. Love you John!

    alexis 10-02-2016
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