hop096 Kandi Story

  • Hey my name is Max I received this kandi at EDC 2017 from somebody, I don't remember exactly who. When I received it, I knew it was one of those 10$ kandis that you write your own story on because the kandi looked so nice and expensive. When I logged the bracelet in she didn't start her story which was a shock and it was also funny to think that wow this bracelet starts with me.But let me tell you a little bit about myself I recently turned 21 on june 16th Gemini baby woo woo lol, I live in SoCal and go to California State University Northridge and my favorite EDM artisit is Illenium. I love the EDM community because there is a lot of love which I think is really important in the world we live in. "For anyone reading this I would like to tell you life will sometimes throw you down, but what makes those down moments so great is seeing how we get back up from them and create a story to tell that we can joke about and laugh at, at a later time. Life is a comedic paradox there is no laughter without tragedy." If you want someone to talk too or anything ring me up on Instagram :) @maxgottagetasmile even if you dont still add me I want to see where this bracelet ends up in the coming years lol (dm me expensive kandi) lol

    max flores 07-05-2017
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