ins014 Kandi Story

  • Hey Justin. We met after a long day of raving at EDCO that culminated in me needing to sit, and Tammy needing a light show. Lucky for us, your Samily had both! In addition to your rave fam, we had the real honor and privilege of meeting you and Mandy. You two are among the sweetest and most compassionate people I know and I hope you two have a long and lasting future together. :) It was great seeing you again at Shaky Beats, and I hope to see you around in life and at future raves! Also... Illenium jerseys... ayyyyy! haha

    jlee 05-27-2017
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  • Hey babe! We started off as strangers to friends to rage babe and now there's us ☺️ We raged together at an Audien concert and I knew you were the one when we sang U&I to each other. 😍 The music brought us together and I'm so thankful to be able to share these experiences with you! I wouldn't want to be out there raging with anyone else but you! I admire everything that you do and everything that you've been through and I can't wait to see what memories we'll make with each other. I pass this on to you because you serve as an inspiration to many even if you don't realize it. You're very hardworking and I'm proud of you! I hope you one day pass this onto someone who embodies everything you believe in and who inspires you. Rage on babe! Xoxo m.v

    m.vongsi 08-28-2016
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