kin022 Kandi Story

  • I coupled kindness with the love bracelet I bought for my friend because of how strongly these two words resonate with me.... There's this sort of light you see in the people you meet that, despite poor treatment from others and hardships in life, they continue to be kind. I strive to be that person no matter how crushing life gets. I hope whomever receives this will find the strength to do the same. There were pivotal moments in my life - the extreme lows, traveling abroad, learning as I spent time alone - when people, both friends and strangers, showed me pure kindness in the smallest of acts. From making a pot of green tea when I was on the verge of tears, checking if I was sick on the sidewalk, and painting a new memory over a horrible one, to visiting me while they're on their short lunch break, protecting me at shows, and even a simple compliment. They will never know how much I appreciate what they did. I quit smoking. I took more time to reflect and heal. I felt safe. I continued to remind people how much I care for them. Those moments will eternally resonate with me. Thank you.

    marilyn fabricante 08-31-2017
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