lov042 Kandi Story

  • So my boyfriend and I decided to go to EDC Orlando 2 weeks before hand to see some of our favorite DJs (porter and RL grime). Little did we expect to meet and connect so well with a group of people that I consider family. Mandy, the originator of this bracelet and I had such a great connection that I never thought could happen at a festival. Being able to share our values of love and family created that strong bond. I hope to eventually pass this kandi along to someone who shares the same values and appreciates what love really is. Love comes in all different forms whether it be through family, friends, or complete strangers. As I am writing this, it is one day away from Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday! Whomever receives this kandi next, I want you to know that you are beautiful inside and out and I hope that love reaches you in any shape or form that suits you. I LOVE YOU!!! ❤️

    tammy 11-25-2016
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  • Hi guys! I am the original owner of this kandi bracelet from SC and as I'm writing this, I am in the process of packing for EDC Orlando that'll take place in less than 24 hours! This will be my first EDC and I can't wait to meet and dance with everyone out there. Whoever receives this next, I want to say thank you for making an imprint on me and I hope you are able to share the message of love with whoever you meet next. For me, my first festival opened up the opportunity to bond and become closer to a friend and now he's my boyfriend. Festivals and music have brought us together and has truly been a special experience. I hope you and everyone after you will share some of your stories on here as well. Can't wait to see where this bracelet goes! Love, Mandy

    mandy 11-08-2016
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