lov059 Kandi Story

  • I purchased the first set of bracelets and have just been wearing them as I go while keeping an open personality to who may need a little encouragement or just someone to be there. Sadly, I'm giving this bracelet to my late brother Bansa Douangpanya. Because of cultural reasons he will be laid to rest and not cremated. He was taken from us way too early. So brother, here's to you. As dysfunctional as our family can be at times, we all still love each other in the end. We never stay mad at each other and always have each others backs. I know the past years have been rough on you. All you've wanted was to feel loved and to have your kids. You've always brought positive vibes and didn't want any drama or let anyone stress about anything around you. you've always worked hard to get what you wanted and wanted our praise because we knew it would make you feel proud as the oldest brother and sibling. Little did you know we've always loved you no matter what. we've always known that in the back of our heads, you were just a phone call away if we were in trouble. Which is why I'm giving you the "LOVE" bracelet. While you were taken from us too soon. We believe in the after life, so now more than ever you need to feel the love we all have for you. While you weren't into the EDM scene or Kandi I'm giving you one to take with you so you don't forget that you're loved. Don't be afraid, because while were not together we're always here for you. I know you'll always be watching over us as older brothers do. Someday we'll meet and I look forward to the paradise you make up there like you wanted us to have while you were here. I LOVE you brother. May this Kandi, this letter, and my personal letter reach you. Love cant bring you back but I hope its strong enough that you can feel it.

    john douangpanya 06-03-2017
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