lov098 Kandi Story

  • Received it from a friend. Just wanna pass on good vibes.

    garrett o'neal 08-31-2017
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  • I bought this bracelet as a birthday gift for a friend of mine. Out of all the words, I believed that "love" was his best fit, with his signature Cheshire Cat colors. I wore it for weeks but I didn't quite get to tell him before I passed it on (and I lost track of the number). From the short time I came to know him, Garrett shared his curiosity, music, wisdom, and parts of his life that weighed heavy on him - even though he never said it outright. Most importantly, he shared his friendship. The comfort and encouragement he gave me at times when I unknowingly needed it helped me grow and love myself. I'll always remember that. He's a man that firmly believes in the golden rule, and prefers to be a lover rather than a fighter. Garrett is without a doubt, someone that would be able to spread that positivity beyond himself and already has. (Even if he sometimes denies it and thinks he isn't a good person) I hope his word resonates with the people he meets and shares it with, as I do with mine. Thank you for taking me to my first rave, and opening this part of the world to me.

    marilyn fabricante 08-31-2017
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