plu020 Kandi Story

  • I am the first owner of this bracelet, I chose the PLUR bracelet because the message of PLUR means so much to me. When I first learned what PLUR meant and how it worked at festivals I made it my goal to share my knowledge and use it to become a better person myself, something to live my life by. When I'm down I just remember all the happiness I have received from complete strangers and the friends I have made because of it. I took PLUR to the next level, I used it outside of festivals, teaching my family and friends the selflessness that PLUR stands for. I gave my PLUR bracelet to a new friend I met through another friend, a friend that I really care about. Tyler (new friend) encompasses all of the aspects of PLUR, he's a genuine person that I know will spread the love and share a story to someone who needs it. I'm Glad to call Tyler a new friend, and I can't wait to hear how and why he decides to give the bracelet away. PLUR ON TYLER!!!

    vince 11-19-2016
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