smi018 Kandi Story

  • I supported this company through Kickstarter and bought this bracelet because, coincidentally, my rave name is actually Smiles. My rave family named me Smiles because of the huge smile I get on my face whenever I go to a music festival. I just love the music, the energy, and the people. I went to my first rave in 2011, although I had been going to small shows and concerts before then. I think my rave name is actually perfect for me because I was going through a hard time back then, but having the loving support of my friends and my rave fam reminded me to smile. :) I'm passing it on to someone who has gone through difficult times as well, and still has found the happiness to smile on this earth. I hope that this bracelet will continue to be passed on to people who have beautiful smiles and, more importantly, to those who could use one. Much love and light.

    lexie 02-02-2017
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