str102 Kandi Story

  • I received this bracelet from my niece, Haley Vermie. Haley is my loving and amazing niece. This year I went through a very difficult illness, and Haley wanted me to wear the bracelet. The bracelet reminds me that I am strong, and that like Haley, I have faith. Haley lives in Iowa USA, I live in Norway and the bracelet has traveled on my wrist to Chicago, Washington DC, Copenhagen Denmark, London England, and I will wear it to Marrakech Morocco in a few weeks. After my trip to Morocco for the 50th birthday, I will pass the bracelet to another strong woman who is experiencing a difficult journey. Together, we are stronger.

    lonnie myklebust 10-03-2017
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  • I bought this "strength" bracelet wanting to start its journey.

    haley vermie 04-25-2017
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