Believe Stories

  • bel077

    This is the beginning of this bracelets journey. As a request, I'd like each person who receives it to sign the end of their message(s) with their name and where they are from. Not only will it be fun to read the stories from all of you about where and why you gave away or received the bracelet, but it'll also be fun to see how far the bracelet travels. Thanks! :)

    gregory simchick 05-23-2017
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  • bel023

    Janelle, I always appreciate the work that you and ground control does, looking out for the well being of others and your smile brings a smile to my face. This bracelet was passed on at Dreamstate Socal 2016 and is a reminder to always believe in yourself and the good you do in the world. Peace, love, unity & respect.

    sam 11-27-2016
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  • bel069

    I made this special for my boyfriend Ricky. I chose black as it represents strength, confidence, and mystery. You are my rock and my strength. While too much black encourages pessimism, it is balanced by the work "believe" which encourages optimism and hope. I hope this bracelet serves as a reminder to be optimistic especially when I make it difficult. I am so lucky to have you in my life and look forward to forever with you. :) Love you!

    lexie 11-12-2016
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  • bel072

    Just bought this bracelet for my beautiful and strong best friend Jordan. I chose the colors green and purple as they are her favorite. Appropriately, green represents ambition while striving for balance of mental, emotional, and physical energy. It relaxes and rejuvenates the mind. On the negative side, it can be judgmental and have a tendency to gossip. People who like purple value spirituality and higher self. It inspires creativity and represents deeper, hidden emotion. I hope you know that I will always be by your side BELIEVING in you. Nothing is impossible. I vow to blindly support you in...

    lexie 11-13-2016
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  • bel043

    To Julissa, One of the main things we connected through was our passion in music. From the different styles, genres, melodies to the complexity of lyricism - we literally talked about everything through our late night talks. You always told me to 'believe' in myself when it comes to my music and start releasing my music to show my talent to the world. I listened and you were right. I took in your advice and carefully listened to what you had to say, so please take the time to carefully read the next few things I have to tell you. YOU....

    allen 10-27-2016
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  • bel036

    I bought this bracelet because I really enjoy the idea behind this. It goes beyond just trading kandi. Even though the braclet isn't personally made by the person giving it away, there is a new story created each time the braclet continues its journey to the next person in need.

    kayleigh f 09-20-2016
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  • bel009

    I was the first owner of this bracelet and I chose the "Believe" message because I was at a point where a lot of big changes were happening in my life and I was feeling uncertain about my future. This bracelet was a reminder to believe in myself and my goals no matter what anyone else thought. It also helped me believe that in my day to day life things could always get better. If I was ever having a bad day, all I had to do was read the message and it helped keep me positive...

    jamie 09-17-2016
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  • bel008

    Believe. That's what you make me do. When I didn't really have anyone to turn to through my rough times, you were there to listen. And that alone did so much more for me than you would imagine. I want you to have this bracelet so you can remember that you made someone who almost gave up believe again... and for that, thank you.

    johnny 08-28-2016
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  • bel014

    Meredith, This “BELIEVE” bracelet makes me think of when our dreams seemed so far away and hardly attainable. You helped me through my long wait by sprinkling it with good humor and daily “sunshine.” ;) You’ve always managed to cheer me on during dark times. I’ve appreciated your intelligent advice across the years, always worded in the kindest and most positive way. You have a warm heart and are always willing to meet with us “girls” whenever we happen to be nearby. Thank you for encouraging me to make like Journey and “Don’t Stop Believing”!

    daisy 08-22-2016
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  • bel019

    Ry, you don't give yourself enough credit. Out of the whole family besides mom you have the biggest heart. You act all tough outside but you're just a glob of mush inside. Use all that energy you have being Mr. macho to find what you want to do in your life. Believe in yourself because you can do whatever you put your mind to.

    jess 08-15-2016
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  • bel039

    Hello, my name is Lady Blü, and I was given this bracelet by KandiInPublic directly and I love them! So much fun! I can't wait to trade this one off to someone and have them experience these bracelets and their adventures, too! A message to the new owner of this bracelet: you are everything you are for a reason and you are right where you need to be. And if where you need to be/currently are is a rough spot - just know that I send you good vibes and that all of the struggle shall pass (: stay humble...

    alyx (@ladyblu__) 08-01-2016
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  • bel026

    I'm the first owner of this bracelet. If this ever leaves me, it is because I met someone amazing and you deserve it. The reason this bracelet is impactful to me is because the feelings and people I've met trading Kandi bracelets while raving. It creates those little smiles, huge hugs, or even making someone's life better. I chose believe because believing is the guiding force to your motivation and achieving objectives. So whoever receives this, please pass it along to a believer. Someone who looks at the positive and who spreads that joy...

    jonathan revelo 07-16-2016
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