Dream Stories

  • dre046

    Alicia, I remember a time when we spoke of harvesting our dreams in the clouds and wished to bring them back to earth for us to keep as a reality. How happy I am to not only have our dreams come true, but to share this incredible journey with you, halfway across the world. I admire your wit, passion, humor, and accent. :) I’m honored to have gotten to know you and am sending you this DREAM bracelet as a token of a friendship that bridges across two entirely different continents. Dreams do come true if we wish and work hard...

    daisy 08-22-2016
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  • dre062

    I am the first owner of this bracelet and I am so excited to see where this goes in the world. I am from NY originally and currently live in Sicily. I haven't been to many festivals but i went to Tomorrowland 2016 and I plan on going to Tomorrowland 2017!

    joy "vickii" 08-19-2016
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  • dre065

    Hello, my name is Lady Blü, and I was given this bracelet by KandiInPublic directly and I love them! So much fun! I can't wait to trade this one off to someone and have them experience these bracelets and their adventures, too! A message to the new owner of this bracelet: you are everything you are for a reason and you are right where you need to be. And if where you need to be/currently are is a rough spot - just know that I send you good vibes and that all of the struggle shall pass (: stay humble...

    alyx (@ladyblu__) 08-01-2016
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  • dre034

    I donated to the company and received two bracelets. I'm really excited to trade them and see where the bracelets ends up. I think this is a really cool idea to see all the people that receive this beautiful piece! PLUR :)

    trish eden 07-20-2016
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  • dre035

    Keshi, you are seriously cool as hell and breezed through our project. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. It's crazy how we were almost complete strangers but now you'll forever be part of OUR dream. Wish you nothing but success on your journey.

    sam 07-16-2016
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