Hope Stories

  • hop096

    Hey my name is Max I received this kandi at EDC 2017 from somebody, I don't remember exactly who. When I received it, I knew it was one of those 10$ kandis that you write your own story on because the kandi looked so nice and expensive. When I logged the bracelet in she didn't start her story which was a shock and it was also funny to think that wow this bracelet starts with me.But let me tell you a little bit about myself I recently turned 21 on june 16th Gemini baby woo woo lol, I live in...

    max flores 07-05-2017
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  • hop011

    I was an investor in the Kickstarter campaign and bought the five piece set in hopes to be able to exchange with fellow music lovers at a music festival last year. However, the bracelet production took longer than anticipated and I did not receive them in time for the festival. I started wearing the bracelets on a daily basis at work depending on what inspiration I wanted for that day. I now have come to love these bracelets for myself and almost don't want to share them lol! I am attending a major music festival next week and maybe someone...

    kat 03-18-2017
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  • hop077

    I received this bracelet during a moment in my life when hope was the only notion in the back of my weary mind, keeping me alive. A point in time when everything I knew about myself and life, changed. My heart was shattered into a million tiny pieces, and my soul was warped and twisted into agonizing grief. ... But there was hope. There is always hope. Never let a dark place, in your mind or in anyone else's tell you that hope is lost. It cannot be lost... ever. It is, and of its own according, forever found...

    riley 01-07-2017
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  • hop064

    To Julissa, Running out of things to say now. So, whenever you are upset you can always just read these bracelets and hopefully, it will cheer you up. Stay lit and good vibes always :) ~ Panda ~

    allen ho 10-26-2016
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  • hop060

    This message is for my dear friend Alexis whom I am giving the "Hope" Kandi to. I just want to give her a little something to lift her spirits. I know being single is going to be a tough thing to go through when youre not used to it. Don't beat yourself up over it, youre doing it for the right reasons. Everyone has to be able to love themselves before they can love someone else and accept love from others. I wouldn't say you or Ryan lost someone special. You guys are just on two different paths that have...

    john douangpanya 10-02-2016
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  • hop027

    I hope this bracelet finds you well through all your times of need. For someone who has always been so independent and hides in her room, you're stronger than you think and that's something that I respect from you. Wear this bracelet as a remembrance that there's always hope... and I hope you'll always rise to the top of anything in life that pulls you down.

    johnny 08-28-2016
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  • hop021

    Connie, Thanks for not only being a skilled and enthusiastic coworker but a good friend. I’m touched that you opened up and shared your stories with me, giving me a glimpse of your past and your hopes for the future. I admire your strength for having been through what you have and still emerging with a greater sense of compassion, understanding, and a renewed approach to try again. With this bracelet, I am sending you love and luck. This is for November. Don’t lose Hope!

    daisy 08-22-2016
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