Inspire Stories

  • ins090

    This piece of kandi means a lot to me even though I wasn’t the one who made it. Ever since I received it (day after EDC) I wore it every single day until I went to Tramps Like Us in San Diego. TLU was my very first rave and so I was glad to finally be back along with my forever rave bae~ w

    gerly 10-29-2017
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  • ins011

    Thank you for having just an amazing attitude. I didn't get your name but your group of friend were amazing and so are you. Such a short but amazing time I had with you. Thank you so much. EDC Las Vegas 2017

    dominic deanda 06-22-2017
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  • ins001

    I was an investor in the kickstarter and was planning on holding on to the entire set however, Jeff Abel also know as Excision has been one of my favorite artists for years and I will be meeting him tommrow in Santa Cruz. I want to pass this on to him for inspiring me. I hope to one day be as good of a producer as Jeff. Cheers

    ryan b 01-28-2017
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  • ins040

    I am giving this bracelet to my boyfriend, Mike. You have inspired so many people, and most of all you inspire me. I know you don't really wear Kandi, so please pass this on to someone who inspires you.

    annie 01-06-2017
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  • ins028

    Bought this bracelet on KickStarter before heading to Electric Forest!

    mihai 12-26-2016
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  • ins063

    I live in South Africa and received this bracelet from Johnny in America who asked me to please photograph it in exchange. It's a strange thing how seeing these words everyday make you want to live inspirationally.

    emma 12-24-2016
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  • ins097

    I'm giving this piece to Spencer. Spencer is my first and one of my most significant rave fam. He took me to my first rave and completely changed my life. He showed me PLUR in rave life and not. He's my best friend and is continually inspiring me to be better. He challenges me in the sense of spirit. I know he's been through a lot in my time of knowing him but he handles things with grace. Things may not always end in perfectness but they end in peace. We are going to embark on many great adventures and...

    bre c 12-17-2016
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  • ins042

    My number one goal in life is to inspire people to be different and do what makes YOU happy. I plan to give this bracelet away at Global Dance Music Festival in Arizona this weekend :) Hopefully someone will find value in this and inspire others.

    nathan 11-18-2016
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  • ins046

    Just bought this bracelet

    lexie 11-10-2016
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  • ins014

    Hey babe! We started off as strangers to friends to rage babe and now there's us ☺️ We raged together at an Audien concert and I knew you were the one when we sang U&I to each other. 😍 The music brought us together and I'm so thankful to be able to share these experiences with you! I wouldn't want to be out there raging with anyone else but you! I admire everything that you do and everything that you've been through and I can't wait to see what memories we'll make with each other. I pass this on to...

    m.vongsi 08-28-2016
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  • ins031

    Allison, This “INSPIRE” bracelet makes me think of your quick wit, open heart, and always being there for us “girls” with an encouraging word or relevant advice. Meredith joked that I am always 10 steps ahead of her; but you are the one who always seems to be 10 steps ahead of me! You have amazing energy and are the woman who can get it all done. I imagine that you never sleep to be this kind of Superwoman, and yet you never let that dampen your style or sunny disposition with always a joke to get us through hard days....

    daisy 08-23-2016
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  • ins025

    I am the first recipient of this inspire bracelet. I am a photographer based in Denton, Tx aMe hope to inspire others with this gift. ❤️

    chevy g. 08-01-2016
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