Live Stories

  • liv063

    I received this bracelet, I was at my friend's party and I was dancing in with a group of friend's and I received this from one of my friends.

    kathlyn 11-08-2017
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  • liv080

    This bracelet is for my adventure GF. From reconnecting over Watsky, to our once in a lifetime road trip to San Diego and Rare with Boombox Cartel and GTA, it's been great having you to share these memories with. You've really shown me how to break out of the normal day to day schedule with these adventures over this 71 day snap streak. Here's to reaching 100! Thanks for keeping things exciting and helping me to LIVE =]

    df 02-18-2017
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  • liv044

    You’ve always been so energetic and full of life. SO many things have happened in the ten years we’ve known each other, but one thing remains the same, You. Of course you’re not the same kid I met in church, but your energy remains the same. You bring light into the lives of many, and now you are literally bringing light to life. You’re about to have your hands full, and I know you’ll be able to succeed, but I really hope you never forget to live your own life. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes, don’t let anyone dull...

    michelle 02-08-2017
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  • liv078

    This ~LIVE~ bracelet goes to one of my newest favorites. Thank you for being the other girl in this rave clan! I'm so happy that festivals have brought us together and our entire little fam. I'm glad that we have meshed so well in the little bit of time we've spent together. You are always so cheerful, positive, and quick to understand my weird ramblings. I love you so much Cassidy! May you shine forever in glitter!

    tori phung 01-06-2017
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  • liv035

    This bracelet is for my friend Janessa. We haven't known each other very long but I love your chill vibes and positive attitude. I hope we will rave together many more times in the future. Let this bracelet remind you to live every day to the fullest.

    annie 01-06-2017
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  • liv020

    Wore to a Party Favor concert. Gave it to the man himself. Party on.

    abhi singh 10-18-2016
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  • liv029

    I gave this braclet to my friend and co-worker Ben, who convinced me that I needed to work less and live more. Keep on living Ben!

    eugenio fernandez 08-08-2016
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  • liv053

    I donated to the Kickstarter for this company and received this kandi yesterday :) I'm super excited to see where this kandi ends up and the journey it goes on! P.L.U.R. ✌🏻😁

    travis d. 07-22-2016
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