Love Stories

  • lov098

    Received it from a friend. Just wanna pass on good vibes.

    garrett o'neal 08-31-2017
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  • lov059

    I purchased the first set of bracelets and have just been wearing them as I go while keeping an open personality to who may need a little encouragement or just someone to be there. Sadly, I'm giving this bracelet to my late brother Bansa Douangpanya. Because of cultural reasons he will be laid to rest and not cremated. He was taken from us way too early. So brother, here's to you. As dysfunctional as our family can be at times, we all still love each other in the end. We never stay mad at each other and always have each...

    john douangpanya 06-03-2017
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  • lov091

    You know it’s love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their life.

    traceson 05-27-2017
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  • lov025

    I was an investor in the Kickstarter campaign and bought the five piece set in hopes to be able to exchange with fellow music lovers at a music festival last year. However, the bracelet production took longer than anticipated and I did not receive them in time for the festival. I started wearing the bracelets on a daily basis at work depending on what inspiration I wanted for that day. I now have come to love these bracelets for myself and almost don't want to share them lol! I am attending a major music festival next week and maybe someone...

    kat 03-19-2017
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  • lov053

    I received this bracelet after becoming a "Brand Ambassador" for Kandi In Public. I've since met special someone in Napa, CA whom I love. I have plans to pass this bracket on to her soon.

    jonathan liew 01-14-2017
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  • lov092

    so i purchased two Kandi in Public bracelets as Christmas presents for two of my best friends that are my RAVE FAM

    shayla raya 01-14-2017
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  • lov096

    so i purchased two Kandi in Public bracelets as Christmas presents for two of my best friends that are my RAVE FAM

    shayla raya 01-13-2017
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  • lov011

    I received this bracelet from an old friend at Life is Beautiful 2016. She told me one day I'm going to realize what a magical creature I am. Here I thought I was just a filthy muggle!

    dimsum 11-19-2016
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  • lov042

    Hi guys! I am the original owner of this kandi bracelet from SC and as I'm writing this, I am in the process of packing for EDC Orlando that'll take place in less than 24 hours! This will be my first EDC and I can't wait to meet and dance with everyone out there. Whoever receives this next, I want to say thank you for making an imprint on me and I hope you are able to share the message of love with whoever you meet next. For me, my first festival opened up the opportunity to bond and become...

    mandy 11-08-2016
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  • lov031

    I am the original owner of this bracelet. Love is an important emotion for me. With this bracelet, I carry the love of my fiance, who is halfway across the world currently, in Sydney Australia. I carry the love of my mother, who cared for me up until the moment she lost her battle with cancer back in 2012. I carry the love of my father, who is still coming to terms with how to continue life. I carry my love for animals and my hope to someday play a bigger part in the protection and care of animals. Lastly,...

    amanda c. 11-01-2016
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  • lov008

    To Julissa, It has been a year since I received you as a little and as I mentioned to you before, it is crazy the connection and relationship you can build just based off of the different vibes people radiate. I honestly can not be happier to have you as my little, my best friend and my rave partner. I know it is difficult to stay in touch at certain times since both of us are busy with our own lives - but always remember that no matter what, I will always be here for you. Keep doing you, and never...

    allen 10-27-2016
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  • lov043

    I contributed to the Kickstarter that launched this project, so this bracelet was born here! I hope this Love bracelet has a short history and finds a permanent home in the person I'm giving it to today, just like my love for her does.

    ali eslami 08-01-2016
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  • lov023

    Jess, this bracelet screams out your name. You’re a little baddie who could care less what others think of her, and will make it known, but deep down I know you’re just a hopeless romantic with a heart of gold. There are very few people I feel completely comfortable around, but with you, I can be my truest self and I know I'll never be judged. Thank you for being the kind, loving, and free-spirited person that you are! P.S. Even though neither of us is single anymore, you'll always be my G-Unit ;) Love you to pieces!

    michelle 07-26-2016
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  • lov037

    I recieved this bracelet from my fiance. We initially bought these to support Kandi in Public's kickstarter. This is a great addition to the EDM/rave community as well as the general community. This kandi bracelet is great.

    michael arellano 07-20-2016
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  • lov117

    I love you to the moon and back Thomas. These 19 months have been amazing. I look forward to spending many more moments adventuring with you in the future. Forever and Always My heart, Cella

    cella 07-20-2016
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  • lov039

    I donated to the company and received two bracelets. I'm really excited to trade them and see where the bracelets ends up. I think this is a really cool idea to see all the people that receive this beautiful piece!

    trish eden 07-20-2016
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  • lov018

    Lucie, I'm glad I got lost from the group at EDC Las Vegas on June 18 or else you wouldn't have notice me. What you found attractive about me was my caring personality and how I treated everyone. I still can't believe how fast things escalated and how we became official after our first date. This LOVE bracelet is to remind you of how I feel about you even when we aren't together. I'll do my best to make you happy, just to see your beautiful smile.

    jason 07-15-2016
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  • lov035

    Karen, I hope this LOVE bracelet reminds you that you deserve nothing less than greatness. You and I have dwelled on to our past for too long and I am glad that we both have come back out with the strength to give love another try. Thanks for the times when we laughed, cried and danced as these are the little things that makes us realize that we are alive and that life is a beautiful thing. I hope you'll remember to always love with all your heart... no matter how hard it gets because love is the best gift we...

    johnny 07-15-2016
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  • lov033

    Leah, I'm still wonderstruck how I met you and Rose! We literally hung out for like 15 minutes that night at LED, and I didn't think much of it after that. It seems almost fate that we bumped into each other again at such a small event. And now you'll forever be a part of something major in our lives. I'm so grateful to have met you two wonderful people, your friendship just warms the heart. This LOVE bracelet is fitting for you, since you are such a loving soul. I can't wait to rave with you guys again. Safe...

    sam 07-17-2016
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  • lov015

    All you ever wanted is to be loved, you often joke. Well here's a daily reminder that you ARE loved, and not just by me, but your friends and family as well. You are smart, funny, kind, cute, sassy, ambitious, and just an all around amazing human being. What's not to love about that? I love you Michelle.

    sam 07-11-2016
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