Love Stories

  • lov042

    Hi guys! I am the original owner of this kandi bracelet from SC and as I'm writing this, I am in the process of packing for EDC Orlando that'll take place in less than 24 hours! This will be my first EDC and I can't wait to meet and dance with everyone out there. Whoever receives this next, I want to say thank you for making an imprint on me and I hope you are able to share the message of love with whoever you meet next. For me, my first festival opened up the opportunity to bond and become...

    mandy 11-08-2016
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  • lov031

    I am the original owner of this bracelet. Love is an important emotion for me. With this bracelet, I carry the love of my fiance, who is halfway across the world currently, in Sydney Australia. I carry the love of my mother, who cared for me up until the moment she lost her battle with cancer back in 2012. I carry the love of my father, who is still coming to terms with how to continue life. I carry my love for animals and my hope to someday play a bigger part in the protection and care of animals. Lastly,...

    amanda c. 11-01-2016
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  • lov008

    To Julissa, It has been a year since I received you as a little and as I mentioned to you before, it is crazy the connection and relationship you can build just based off of the different vibes people radiate. I honestly can not be happier to have you as my little, my best friend and my rave partner. I know it is difficult to stay in touch at certain times since both of us are busy with our own lives - but always remember that no matter what, I will always be here for you. Keep doing you, and never...

    allen 10-27-2016
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  • lov043

    I contributed to the Kickstarter that launched this project, so this bracelet was born here! I hope this Love bracelet has a short history and finds a permanent home in the person I'm giving it to today, just like my love for her does.

    ali eslami 08-01-2016
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  • lov023

    Jess, this bracelet screams out your name. You’re a little baddie who could care less what others think of her, and will make it known, but deep down I know you’re just a hopeless romantic with a heart of gold. There are very few people I feel completely comfortable around, but with you, I can be my truest self and I know I'll never be judged. Thank you for being the kind, loving, and free-spirited person that you are! P.S. Even though neither of us is single anymore, you'll always be my G-Unit ;) Love you to pieces!

    michelle 07-26-2016
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  • lov037

    I recieved this bracelet from my fiance. We initially bought these to support Kandi in Public's kickstarter. This is a great addition to the EDM/rave community as well as the general community. This kandi bracelet is great.

    michael arellano 07-20-2016
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  • lov117

    I love you to the moon and back Thomas. These 19 months have been amazing. I look forward to spending many more moments adventuring with you in the future. Forever and Always My heart, Cella

    cella 07-20-2016
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  • lov039

    I donated to the company and received two bracelets. I'm really excited to trade them and see where the bracelets ends up. I think this is a really cool idea to see all the people that receive this beautiful piece!

    trish eden 07-20-2016
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