Love Stories

  • lov018

    Lucie, I'm glad I got lost from the group at EDC Las Vegas on June 18 or else you wouldn't have notice me. What you found attractive about me was my caring personality and how I treated everyone. I still can't believe how fast things escalated and how we became official after our first date. This LOVE bracelet is to remind you of how I feel about you even when we aren't together. I'll do my best to make you happy, just to see your beautiful smile.

    jason 07-15-2016
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  • lov035

    Karen, I hope this LOVE bracelet reminds you that you deserve nothing less than greatness. You and I have dwelled on to our past for too long and I am glad that we both have come back out with the strength to give love another try. Thanks for the times when we laughed, cried and danced as these are the little things that makes us realize that we are alive and that life is a beautiful thing. I hope you'll remember to always love with all your heart... no matter how hard it gets because love is the best gift we...

    johnny 07-15-2016
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  • lov033

    Leah, I'm still wonderstruck how I met you and Rose! We literally hung out for like 15 minutes that night at LED, and I didn't think much of it after that. It seems almost fate that we bumped into each other again at such a small event. And now you'll forever be a part of something major in our lives. I'm so grateful to have met you two wonderful people, your friendship just warms the heart. This LOVE bracelet is fitting for you, since you are such a loving soul. I can't wait to rave with you guys again. Safe...

    sam 07-17-2016
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  • lov015

    All you ever wanted is to be loved, you often joke. Well here's a daily reminder that you ARE loved, and not just by me, but your friends and family as well. You are smart, funny, kind, cute, sassy, ambitious, and just an all around amazing human being. What's not to love about that? I love you Michelle.

    sam 07-11-2016
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