Plur Stories

  • plu078

    Just bought this bracelet

    lexie 11-10-2016
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  • plu053

    Hi guys! I'm the original owner of this kandi bracelet and as I am writing this, I have procrastinated on packing for EDC (taking place in less than 24 hours!) I attended my first music festival earlier this year and was amazed at how many wonderful people I was able to meet and all the opportunities that opened up after this festival. I was a very shy person and this year, I've broken out of my shell and connected with so many people through music and have taken chances I would have never done before. This will be my first...

    mandy 11-08-2016
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  • plu046

    PLUR is on this bracelet and its purple. PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, RESPECT. I hope to embody these qualities over the coming years in my life and to pass the message on to those who need it.

    ayla fleischacker 10-18-2016
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  • plu017

    Received this bracket from a super rad dude at tramps like us !

    devin seymour 10-03-2016
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  • plu039

    I received it in the mail, then gave it away so that the message of PLUR can be passed on to someone who didn't know what it was.

    sarah 10-02-2016
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  • plu057

    I am the first owner of this bracelet and I am so excited to see where this goes in the world. I am from NY originally and currently live in Sicily. I haven't been to many festivals but i went to Tomorrowland 2016 and I plan on going to Tomorrowland 2017!

    joy "vickii" 08-19-2016
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  • plu026

    Gaby, I can honestly say I would not be the raver I am today, without you. From ringing in the new year with W&W at Pop! NYE, to watching the sunset with Showtek at Beyond Wonderland, you've been my side during some of the most euphoric moments of my life. You gave me my first pieces of Kandi, including some amazing cuffs, and now I give you this bracelet. The Kandi Queen deserves to wear her Kandi every day.

    michelle 07-25-2016
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  • plu040

    Jessica, you are the embodiment of PLUR! I always admire performers, whether it's hoopers, glovers, orbiters, or others, because you aren't just at these shows to enjoy yourself, but also provide entertainment and value for others. I love that! You fit instantly into our rave family and were just so down to earth. I can see that you carry the values of Peace Love Unity and Respect in your everyday life, so this PLUR bracelet is a perfect fit for you! :)

    sam 07-20-2016
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