Plur Stories

  • plu071

    I received this bracelet from my brother because he helped take photos for this company and he wanted me to pass this one on. Its actaully very nice and ima wait until i go to a rave and pass it on. If you receive this bracelet then youre very lucky.

    tommy le 11-08-2017
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  • plu069

    Purchased to show my love for the PLUR mentality :)

    shane olson 05-06-2017
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  • plu037

    Alexis!! Happy birthday! So stoked to have met a birthday twin. I got this bracelet knowing it would always go to someone truly special. I'm stoked you walked up to my friend and I to ask for water. Whenever I am in need I always approach other kandi kids. I couldn't find you on fb so add me! Just remember this bracelet was meant to be passed on to another beautiful soul. I picked the plur bracelet out of all the rest because it is what our world truly needs more of. Sending love and light your way my dear

    katelin millikin 03-30-2017
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  • plu070

    Kandiinpublic found me on Instagram & sent me a bracelet to spread the message to everyone! I chose PLUR because of its strong message in the EDM community & how it sends such a positive vibe! Much love for the next person to receive this bracelet; can't wait to see where it will travel to! ❤

    annette 02-01-2017
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  • plu035

    My daughter has been to EDC events several times and one day I asked her about them and the Kandi bracelets. She told me about PLUR and the meaning. I don't know what I expected but I was so moved by the message that I ordered my Kandis when they were on Go Fund me. Of all the people I know, she tries her best to be true to the PLUR message. I am so proud of her and the positive effect she has on others. She does exemplify peace, love, unity and respect...

    debi 12-16-2016
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  • plu075

    Wishing that I could trade this bracelet to you directly but I hope we can connect one day and finally meet especially since you're so close to me! Rage and take some cute pics soon please and thanks! Keep the positive vibes going babe! You're truly a beaut and deserve the world❤️ Sending lots of love your way. Xoxo Lucid Kitty

    alicia parente 12-06-2016
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  • plu020

    I am the first owner of this bracelet, I chose the PLUR bracelet because the message of PLUR means so much to me. When I first learned what PLUR meant and how it worked at festivals I made it my goal to share my knowledge and use it to become a better person myself, something to live my life by. When I'm down I just remember all the happiness I have received from complete strangers and the friends I have made because of it. I took PLUR to the next level, I used it outside of festivals, teaching my...

    vince 11-19-2016
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  • plu049


    ashley 11-13-2016
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