Smile Stories

  • smi093

    thank you Mai for the kandi! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jacqueline 10-28-2017
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  • smi097

    "Your past has given you the strength and wisdom you have today, so celebrate it. Don't let it haunt you."

    blake weese 05-08-2017
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  • smi026

    I was an investor in the Kickstarter campaign and bought the five piece set in hopes to be able to exchange with fellow music lovers at a music festival last year. However, the bracelet production took longer than anticipated and I did not receive them in time for the festival. I started wearing the bracelets on a daily basis at work depending on what inspiration I wanted for that day. I now have come to love these bracelets for myself and almost don't want to share them lol! I am attending a major music festival next week and maybe someone...

    kat 03-18-2017
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  • smi018

    I supported this company through Kickstarter and bought this bracelet because, coincidentally, my rave name is actually Smiles. My rave family named me Smiles because of the huge smile I get on my face whenever I go to a music festival. I just love the music, the energy, and the people. I went to my first rave in 2011, although I had been going to small shows and concerts before then. I think my rave name is actually perfect for me because I was going through a hard time back then, but having the loving support of my friends and...

    lexie 02-02-2017
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  • smi016

    This bracelet is for my friend Zach. You made me smile when we first met and talked about Kanye and I'm still smiling. Thanks for being a great friend.

    annie 01-05-2017
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  • smi021

    Hey guys! This is Hanson, the guy who bought the original bracelet. I live in Fenton, MI right now and am sending this with my buddy to Colorado. Let's see how many places we can make it to! Feel free to add me on FB!

    bryan hanson 10-20-2016
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  • smi059

    Received this beautiful piece from a beautiful young woman who I thinks name was Echo if my memory serves me right on this occasion. My deepest apologies if it is not. waltzing, jigging, gigging and raging around the crowd with a multitude of different souls and happened across an emaculately tattooed woman whom I payed a compliment to for a beautiful trillium esk tattoo on the left side of her chest. We talked for a moment, I shared my wrist tattoo's with her and proceeded to trade. She shared with me the awesomeness of this site and what we do...

    athens jones 08-25-2016
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  • smi020

    Bought this on kick starter and sticking it in the mail Monday to send to someone I love. Austin deserves to smile every day and I pray he knows that.

    odie 08-20-2016
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