Strength Stories

  • str061

    We are so excited to put this prayer bracelet out into the world for our friend Shelly who is beginnings her Breast Cancer journey this week and moves towards healing. Please take a moment to leave a little note of love and encouragement for Shelly and we will pass this bracelet along to her soon so she can review your messages!

    patrick and jackie spivey 11-04-2016
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  • str071

    I became a Kaniinpublic Brand Ambassador. So excited to trade this bracelet and see where it travels!! ❤️❤️

    allison g 10-16-2016
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  • str052

    I purchased this bracelet and am it's original owner/trader If I had to sum up into one word what this music and culture has brought me, it would be strength, for that is exactly what the energy and the lifestyle has instilled in me To stay grounded, inspired and over come some of the most challenging life experiences I'd ever been faced with, including recovering from severe heartbreak inflicted by the same person that introduced me to the scene in the first place, while simultaneously supporting my family as my father was nearing death due to terminal cancer It may seem scoffable...

    yuri zinger 09-17-2016
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  • str019

    This is my first set of bracelet that I bought to try and make a change in peoples lives. I chose to give away the "Strength" bracelet to a friend of 4 years with whom I also work with. Erin has been through so much over the years but has overcame the obstacles each time. Although she may still be going through some troubles I want to remind her of the strength she has for making it this far and that she is not alone. I'm giving you this bracelet because I know life can keep chipping away at you...

    john douangpanya 09-17-2016
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  • str053

    I got this bracelet to give to one of my best friends, she has helped me through a lot in my life and she doesnt even know it.

    jake ochoa 08-30-2016
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  • str014

    I received this bracelet from my girlfriend at our first rave festival together. It was a blast!! She's a keeper! 😍

    justin 08-28-2016
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  • str021

    Received for my Bday

    billy mak 08-23-2016
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  • str024

    I am the first owner of this bracelet and I am so excited to see where this goes in the world. I am from NY originally and currently live in Sicily. I haven't been to many festivals but i went to Tomorrowland 2016 and I plan on going to Tomorrowland 2017!

    joy "vickii" 08-19-2016
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